Aldo Claudio Medorini – In viaggio con i Nauti dalla Terra al Cosmo – Foligno

In viaggio con i Nauti dalla Terra al Cosmo… Mostra itinerante inaugurata al Museo San Francesco a Montefalco, riprende il suo percorso da Foligno

Aldo Claudio Medorini

7 – 22 maggio 2022

Teatro Piermarini, Cavour Foligno

Traveling with the Nauti from Earth to the Cosmos
Constantly seeking his Ithaca (the island where he was born, Lipari), Aldo Claudio Medorini continues the journey through his seafarers, into whom the artist transposes himself and his soul. These mariners find themselves sailing through onyx, which the Latins called marmor alabastrum, where what dominates is the contrast between the pure white and the rich, ‘earthy’ veins. Only a choice of this sort could spur our maker to produce these ‘artist’s lamps’, created using a prized, natural material which the artist does not radically alter, but to which he adds his mariners: like prehistoric wall paintings, they continue to give expression to the search for their story, their tradition, their existence. Led by the freshness and primordial ‘innocence’ of creating, Aldo Claudio Medorini produces great numbers of works, the fruit of his own creative brilliance. His genius has no interest in merely following the market, but rather seeks to delve into his inner world, pursuing his desiderata without paying too much attention to reason. The beauty of the stone certainly has no need for words, but requires only warm and cool admiration: depending on how the light kisses its surface, the seafarers may find themselves sailing through the hardness of the stone or the almost ethereal softness of its centre, where the natural veins of history have drawn out a path that awaits discovery. But when the light is switched on the centre comes alive, and the cold onyx grows warm from within, giving us an unparalleled show of colours: the seafarers observe, explore, and travel through time, connecting those ancient symbols left in the caves of Lascaux forty thousand years ago with the marks of our contemporary artist. From the Earth to the Cosmos, the entire world is enclosed within, as if to suggest that cyclical nature that flattens time and makes yesterday, today, and tomorrow come together…

(Professor Marco Grilli, art historian and critic)