LUKE PELLETIER | T.L. SOLIEN + DAST – Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea – Milano – 06/04 – 20/05



in Little Circus

“Far finta di essere umani”

6 aprile – 20 maggio 2017


Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea


Luke Pelletier e T.L.Solien in mostra a Milano alla galleria Antonio Colombo. In contemporanea la personale di Dast (Danilo Strulato) “Far finta di essere umani”, curata da Michela D’Acquisto, nello spazio che la galleria dedica ai progetti speciali.



Filling empty rooms
curated by Michela D’Acquisto and Renato Montagner
The young Luke Pelletier exhibits a body of works with a vibrant pop energy, heavily influenced by punk and skate cultures, in a celebration that, at the same time, is also a denunciation of the American consumer society.
Based in Los Angeles, but native of North Carolina, Pelletier combines characteristic elements of his home state, such as crocodiles and palm trees, with the decadent atmosphere of LA.It is undoubtedly a fresh contrast to the maturity of T.L. Solien, one of the protagonists of the American art of the last thirty years, who in his paintings skillfully blends abstraction and figuration, thus creating a highly personal pictorial language with which to tackle the big issues of life, filtered through the autobiographical experience.
With his revisited expressionism, full of literary references and influences of the popular culture of the last century, the artist offers a disenchanted interpretation of the current state of affairs, especially in today’s America.

in Little Circus
Far finta di essere umani
curated by Michela D’Acquisto

Dast proposes a series of works that, through the archetype of the robot, investigate the isolation of the contemporary man.
Concealing the identity of the protagonists of his works behind masks with features typical of Fifties’ tin toys, the artist gives them the freedom to act according to their instincts, and meanwhile carries out a subtle analysis on the complexity of interpersonal relationships.

Overtly influenced by the German avant-garde Die Brücke, to which the bold colors and the purely graphic stroke are attributable, Dast outlines a poignant reflection on the mechanisms that determine the relationship with the others and, in particular, with one’s own inner reality.


Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea

via Solferino 44, 20121 Milano

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