UNBREAKABLE: WOMEN IN GLASS – Fondazione Berengo – Venezia

Fondazione Berengo is proud to present UNBREAKABLE: WOMEN IN GLASS, an exhibition that celebrates the wealth of contemporary female artists creating works of art in glass. Join us this Saturday on the 5th of September at 18:00 in Murano for a socially distanced aperitivo to celebrate the grand opening.
Conceived during a global lockdown which has been shown to have disproportionately affected women both in the workplace and at home, this exhibition aims to counter, in its own unique way, the difficulties faced by female artists during this unprecedented time. Featuring over sixty women from around the world who have shaped and supported the Studio with their collaborative work in Murano, UNBREAKABLE: WOMEN IN GLASS honours the incredible spirit of female artists and puts them centre stage.
A curated selection of artworks from Berengo Studio’s expansive thirty-year old archive is combined with an array of new sculptures made earlier this year in the aftermath of Italy’s lockdown. Shown alongside the archival works these sculptures form a vast survey of contemporary collaborations that range from the Studio’s founding years to the present day.
The first exhibition of the new decade, and the first since Berengo Studio’s thirtieth anniversary, UNBREAKABLE: WOMEN IN GLASS sets an intention for the future: a hope that the glass ceiling of the art world will shatter.
For more information visit www.fondazioneberengo.org