Francesca Pieraccini Fructidor 2019 Il Melograno Art Gallery

Katerina- Fructidor 2019 – Il Melograno Art Gallery

Katerina sarà presente alla settima edizione di Fructidor, rassegna d’arte contemporanea ideata e curata da Il Melograno Art Gallery.

Fructidor 2019

Il Melograno Art Gallery


31 agosto – 12 settembre 2019

La mostra sarà inaugurata sabato 31 agosto alle ore 18.00 a Livorno, in via Marradi 62/68

do not be fooled by the bright colors and the peaceful appearance …
these characteristics are volcanic transformations at high temperatures.
This is Clay



If the earth could spoke
It would shout scream of pain.
By Human, tiny grains of sand.
They destroy the remains of natural beauty.
Can art be able to save the world?
Can art be a part of reinassance?
My original arrwork.
My way of clay.

As grain
As Sand destined to disappear
Leaving any sign
As Atoms, spheres of a lost civilization
In the liquid Society.
We Run. Run hoping the Playlifegame throw us in the
Rigth directions.
Stop. Raise our eyes up…to the sky
whoAmI ?
And in front of all this beautiful….
Why am i here….

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Il Melograno Art Gallery

Livorno, via Marradi 62/68


10/13 e 16/20

Tutti i giorni, compresa la domenica.

Chiusi solamente il lunedì mattina.