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Sofika Dhimgjini espone a Parigi con Il Melograno Art Gallery


Fiera internazionale di arte contemporanea

Carrousel du Louvre

Sala Delorme


21 – 22 – 23 ottobre 2022
inaugurazione venerdì 21 ottobre  ore 19

(english below)

“Avvocata che, quando può, dipinge!”

Impegnata, preparata, determinata, porta nella sua pittura tutta la positiva grinta che, unita ad una profonda empatia e sensibilità verso il prossimo, è la caratteristica della sua solare personalità.

Colori forti, accesi, brillanti, rendono le sue tele magnetiche. Immagini delicate, che evocano archetipi femminili,  fluttuano all’interno di scenografie astratte nelle quali ognuno può trovare la scintilla che accende una sintonia con le proprie corde.

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Carrousel du LOUVRE
99, rue de Rivoli
Vendredi 21 octobre  : 19h -22h (uniquement sur invitation)
Samedi  22 octobre  : 11h-20h
Dimanche 23 octobre : 11h-19h (dernières entrées à 18h30)

Parking de 7h à 23h : Q-PARK Carrousel du Louvre,
Accès :
1 avenue du général Lemonnier 75001 Paris
Métro :  Lignes 1 & 7, station : Palais-Royal – Musée du Louvre
Bus : Lignes 21, 27, 39, 48, 67, 68, 69, 72, 81 & 95
Arrêts : Palais-Royal – Musée du Louvre ; Palais Royal – Comédie Française ; Musée du Louvre

“… therefore, as if by magic, it can only be highlighted how in these paintings it is noted that matter and spirit come together, forming extreme beauty on the whole.
In art the word beautiful is only the synonym of expressive, so also for this young artist, still life represents a great palette of proof, making herself capable of painting it in a new and fresh way without tracing particular patterns.

Her strokes are to be noted as quick and fleeting, illuminating and radiating a vast range of light and cold colors, with brief hints of pictorial warmth that offer an authentic poeticity in vision, which I would dare to say and qualify, without fear or hesitation, as impressionistic.
Her still lifes, in fact, are often placed on a level of lively and captivating color between whites and blues that are released on a chromatic fabric that is sometimes warm, other times cold, however always iridescent and powerful, like its impetuosity of young professional woman, always and in any case, even in her painting activity.
“If man were completely devoid of the faculty of dreaming, if he could not from time to time go beyond the present and contemplate with the imagination the finished picture of the work he sketches from his hands, what impulse would induce him to begin and complete tiring work in art, in the sciences, in practical life?… When there is a contact between dream and art everything goes for the best ”, wrote Pisarev Dmitrij in a time a little further away.
I believe that this good professional in her quality both as a painter and as a lawyer puts all her effort into reaching this contact and it seems to me that she is also able to transmit it to us very well, especially with her paintings.
Thank you colleague for your commitment and your art, may you be at the beginning of a completely new current, modern, original expressionistic current, as well as avant-garde in this time of strong transformations and changes that are now destined to accompany us marking our lives.
Cristiana Di Ricco